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You have important knowledge to share. But for that knowledge to make a positive impact, it needs to stick with your learners. Join Dr. William DeJean and his guests to explore ways to make learning stick. For...

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#103 New teachers: This supports their retention and success

If your school’s working to move from good to great, here’s an action to take. Ensure new teacher induction is school-wide top priority. To share why it’s soooo important… ….and how to make it happen, Julia...
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#102 Student Engagement: How To Boost It Across Your School

Here’s a little secret, 👉🏼 engagement 🏋🏽‍♀️ is a Key that makes learning stick. But its got to be the right kind of engagement. The right kind 🏋🏽‍♀️ makes learning stick for everyone. And when its unleashed across...
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#101 How to improve teacher wellbeing w/ Dr. Kerry Howells

Is your school working to make teaching & learning its #1 priority? And wanting to ensure teacher and student wellbeing are in service of that work, rather than an add-on? Then this Unleash Learning TV is for you....
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#100 How To Strengthen Student Writing w/ Gayle Kennedy

Working to strengthen student writing? There’s an action you can take that will help. What is it? → Have students hear what writers say they actually do. For example: What do sports writers say they do when crafting...
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#99 Want to boost your teaching impact? Focus on these emotions

Want to boost your teaching impact? Focus on positive emotions. Why? Because positive emotions help prime people for learning. And no, it doesn’t mean you have to be happy all the time. It means knowing about these...
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#98 These actions turn a good school into great school

In this 4-min Unleash Learning 📺 episode we’ll explore: The 4 AUS/US themes schools are experiencing [SUPER IMPORTANT]. The roadblocks that keep good schools from becoming great schools. A FREE tool you can use NOW to...
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#97 How To Embed A School-Wide Wellbeing Culture

Meg Durham is on this month's Unleash Learning TV to show you: How To Embed A School-Wide Wellbeing Culture. In a way that doesn’t stress everyone out. She is an expert in the area of well-being education and coaching...
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#96 What Dr. Red Ruby Scarlet wants you to know about anti-bias education

Dr. Red Ruby Scarlett is an activist, early childhood teacher-researcher, consultant, artist and academic. And she’s here to share with you ways that can strengthen your inclusive practices. And what to do when you...
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#95 Productive school culture: How to strengthen it in 3 easy steps

Adam Voigt’s on today’s Unleash Learning TV. He’s the Chief Executive Officer of Real Schools, a TEDx speaker and a resident expert on Channel 10’s “The Project”. And he’s here to share how to strengthen a productive...
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#94 How To Create Personal Goals That Stick

Dr. Suzy Green is back on Unleash Learning TV with a prescription for you. You don’t need a pharmacy. Just pen and paper 📝…and maybe a friend. If you take it and reflect on it over the year… …it can strengthen your...
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#93 How To Live an Undivided Life w/ Parker J. Palmer

Your Unleash Learning radio season premiere is here! And it’s an exclusive interview w/ one of the giants in the field of teaching and learning. Parker J. Palmer is the Senior Partner Emeritus of the Centre for...
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How to talk about race (and other hard things) w. Dr. Nancy Dome

Episode #92

Do you or your team tend to avoid conflict? Get worried about saying the wrong thing? Or have a hard time talking about #race , #equity or other hard things? If so, this Unleash Learning TV episode is for you. Dr....
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